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November 18, 2001.
General Updates: Please don't hurt me! I know it's been a while...

Kisekae Updates: Lyris II is up! Yay!

Old news: Terms of Usage page and hidden link to actual dolls.

~ari, 10:42 am

I don't usually take requests, but if you've got a nifty idea for a doll or an amazingly great design for a piece of clothing, e-mail me! Maybe we can do a collab...

What is KISS?

My Dolls


My KISSage Tutorial (text)

Palette Tutorial

KISS Links

What is KISS?

Many other people have explained KISSage much better than I ever could. The simplest, most basic explanation possible is that KISS is an electronic paper doll program. You move them around and dress them up in real time on your computer screen. It's a lot of fun!

Dolls are available ranging for all ages, from a small child to any adult. It's not just for kids - most of the people who MAKE these dolls are adult themselves. Parents are strongly urged to screen each doll carefully before allowing their child to play with them, especially if they have strong feelings about nudity and other delicate matters.

KISS, short for KIsekae Set System, is a freeware program originally created in Japan. Many versions are now available for nearly all computer platforms. Check out the KISS Links for more details.

E-mail me, please!

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